Banking Security & Fraud Prevention

Secure Customers and Employees Access to Your Financial Systems & Services to Mitigate Internal, Online & Mobile Fraud Risks

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With the soaring costs and frequency of frauds perpetrated on financial institutions no organization can afford to remain passive in the face of the onslaught. At MAXUT, we’re focused solely on providing the most effective security and fraud prevention solutions, customized to the specific needs and operating environments of our customers.

We’re a nimble and adaptive organization with expertise and resources to bring the latest in emerging multifactor authentication, biometrics, behavioral monitoring and application security technologies to our clients to mitigate their risks and exposure to financial frauds.

We tailor our consulting and professional services expertise to enable our clients stay steps ahead of an ever-changing cyber threat landscape with layered-security techniques and a range of solutions and services for:

  • Preventing insider fraud and protecting online and mobile banking customers from stolen identities – we help our customers replace easily compromised static user passwords which can be used in various forms of fraudulent transactions with risk-based strong authentication (multifactor) solutions.
  • Simplifying regulatory and audit compliance requirements and reporting for fraud prevention and investigations through our custom integration services for core banking and 3rd-party web applications to a scalable, resilient and centrally administered strong authentication platform.
  • Discovering and eliminating web and mobile application security loopholes and risks of frauds from misuse of authorization by insiders – we search out vulnerabilities in critical financial applications and internal processes with custom testing and analysis techniques that have proven to be more effective than automated testing methods.
  • Our services and solutions are based on technologies from technology partners including VASCO Data Security, a world-leader in two-factor authentication, fraud detection and electronic signature solutions with over 1,700 international financial institutions and approximately 10,000 banking customers.

    As the only certified premium VASCO partner in the West-African sub region, you can expect the same solution delivery quality and global best practices from your local team of MAXUT experts.

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