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Banking Technology & FinTech

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Traditional banks are facing tremendous pressure from new non-banking market players, with a near perfect understanding of the power of the digital ecosystem - mobile apps, social media and the Internet. These technology-driven non-banks are disaggregating financial services that can be easily standardized and automated – services offered by traditional banks - and substituting them with more efficient digital wallets, mobile payments, peer-to-peer lending and other services. Keeping up with these innovations and disruptive technologies poise a challenge to banking leaders and strategists alike as they grapple with sustaining growth in their current businesses while figuring out the best approach to effectively adopt these technologies in synergy with other channels business.

MAXUT Consulting services team keeps abreast of disruptive solutions from the various financial technology (FinTech) innovation hubs dotted around the world and assist our clients in navigating the challenges and opportunities offered by the new digital banking ecosystem.

We offer custom solutions and advisories in FinTech and bespoke software applications to run existing banking systems and technologies more efficiently. Our services and software solutions include:

  • Secure, centralized card issuance solutions to automate and speed up customers’ payment card requests and enhance customer satisfaction. Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with Core Banking Applications, Card Management Systems and supported card printers.
  • Web-based ATM Monitoring solutions to ensure 24/7 availability of a bank’s ATM network and alert Supervisors in the even of Low Cash, Cash Jam and other service failures. Solution is designed to integrate with Front End Processors (FEP) and major ATM brands including NCR, Wincor, Diebold and Hyosung.
  • Composite solutions from various partners including Self-Service Payment Kiosks, Point of Sale (POS) EMV terminals, and mobile POS (mPOS), and Instant In-Branch Card Issuance Solutions.