Banking Security & Fraud Prevention

Secure Access to Online Banking Services with Two-Factor Authentication

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As financial institutions extend beyond the traditional banking channels to reach new customers and to stay ahead of the competition, access to sensitive financial information is no longer confined to the four walls of your branch network: the identities of your customers and employees are the new security perimeters to your business..

But accurately proving user identities has remained stuck in a time warp defined by user name and static password combination. Passwords remain the number one reason why accounts are compromised and with mobile and remote users and 24/7 access by employees and customers alike, the use of static passwords for user authentication is no longer tenable.

Leading banks and financial institutions rely on us for strong authentication services and solutions to secure staff and customers access to their services, to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to prevent common bank frauds such as account takeover and wire frauds from stolen customer identities and insider abuse of authorization. We offer:

  • A scalable and proven two-factor authentication (2FA) platform based on VASCO authentication solutions to deter insider frauds and reduce frauds from compromised accounts.
  • A resilient backend infrastructure designed to scale to meet authentication demands of large number of online banking customers and bank employees.
  • Custom application integration services and software for integrating high-risk financial applications to speed up compliance with new banking regulations for 2FA
  • Convenient and cost-effective one-time password devices for users available in various form factors – hardware and software tokens, mobile applications, and SMS delivery.