Cyber Security Consulting

Security Services Tailored to Managing Cyber Risks and Threats

With increasing reliance on technology by financial institutions as they roll out new services, cyber security threats can no longer be treated as the concerns of back-office operations or IT department staff alone, but as part of an overall business governance and risk management efforts led by senior management.

Criminals have at their disposal hundreds of possible methods of attack all geared towards stealing customers’ credentials as a prelude to committing more damaging financial frauds. Some of these attacks exploit the weakest link in any security strategy – human-computer interaction, while others exploit vulnerabilities in your infrastructure or systems owned by 3rd party organizations such as suppliers or retail merchants.

We help you answer some of the questions being asked by your senior management such as: are there possible security lapses in our current coverage? What is our risk exposure as we venture into new e- or m- banking services? They need to hear the full answers on compliance risks, fraud risks and other risks posed to the business.

MAXUT offers independent cyber security consulting services to answer these questions and more. We provide:

  • Audit & compliance readiness assessment services.
  • Vulnerability assessment and application testing services (see Financial Applications Security).
  • Threat management programs and threat information subscription.
  • As the only certified premium VASCO partner in the West-African sub region, you can expect the same solution delivery quality and global best practices from your local team of MAXUT experts.

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