Advanced Biometrics

Iris recognition provides one of the most accurate, convenient and non-contact biometric identification and authentication systems with virtually no false reject compared with other systems in practical use today.  The technology offers rapid (less than 30 seconds) and once in a life-time biometric enrollment, which makes it suitable for enrolling large number of customer population with minimal operational overheads.

We have successfully deployed ‘non-contact’ biometric solutions by Iris ID Systems (formerly a division of LG Electronics) for clients in transportation, immigration control, manufacturing and financial services. The broad application of the technology includes:

  • Time & Attendance systems for permanent and contract staff to eliminate time fraud and to accurately track and calculate hours worked by employees – without the need for expensive timecards. We provide integration with HR systems such SAP-HR so that employees are automatically enrolled/unenrolled based on their HR status.
  • Access control to secure locations and for areas such IT Datacentres, sensitive areas in manufacturing plants etc. The system can easily be integrated with turnstiles, boom barriers, revolving doors, ensuring that only pre-enrolled and authenticated persons are allowed in restricted areas.
  • National Identity
  • Transportation security & Immigration controls at airports

We are constantly working with our clients to expand use of the technology to banking halls, teller systems including ATMs and for securing dedicated workstations for highly classified applications such as SWIFT Messaging systems.