Data Protection

With the increasing use of personally identifiable information to swiftly process transactions in ecommerce, finance, and other areas of information technology business, it is imperative that such information be safeguarded in conformance with global standards for data privacy protection. As a cybersecurity organization, we are only too aware of the consequences when sensitive private information falls into the wrong hands. 

With the increasing storage, processing and transmission of personal information to enable electronic transactions, there has been a major drive around the world to provide guidelines to project and regulate information held by organizations on private individuals. For example, the European Union released the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to regulate how businesses process and transfer personal data within and outside the EU. In August 2019, the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) was issued by the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), to perform similar functions for organizations in sectors such as Banking, Telco, Health care, MDAs, and similar entities with access to vast amounts of personal data.

MAXUT new Data Privacy & Protection Practice is a licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) authorized under the regulation to work with clients in audit and compliance activities. Our Practice is led by seasoned personnel in with extensive GDPR experience, legal compliance and data protection expertise. 
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